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Examples of How to Use Shopper Discounts & Rewards

Rather than hearing from the Shopper Discounts & Rewards team about how great our programme is, we thought you might prefer to hear from our members themselves. Here are some quotes from our members, and the different ways you can use the programme.

Linda likes the cashback & monthly reward

Linda likes the cashback from Shopper Discounts and Rewards

Members of Shopper Discounts and Rewards can claim a monthly bonus which is equivalent to their membership fee, and also get 10% cashback at 650 online stores.

Krishna likes the discounted gift cards

I like getting discounted gift cards through Shopper Discountsd and RewardsNot only can you get 10% cashback at over 650 online stores, but members of Shopper Discounts and Rewards can also get a whopping 20% discount on popular giftcards. Members can buy up to £100 worth (that an £80 cost) of gift cards each and every month.

Paul likes saving money at Christmas

Christmas made easier through Shopper Discounts and Rewards

A membership with Shopper Discounts and Rewards can help a lot at times of great expense, such as birthdays and Christmas periods. Paul enjoys getting a 10% discount on Christmas presents and other online purchases.

More about Shopper Discounts and Rewards

If you would like to try out a membership, head to the Shopper Discounts and Rewards website to sign up. You can enjoy 30 days free of charge, and you are free to cancel at any time if it’s not right for you. After 30 days there is a monthly fee, but as  you can see from the quotes above, you can claim this back each month.

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