What do people buy through Shopper Discounts & Rewards?

We thought it would be interesting to see exactly what our members are using their Shopper Discounts & Rewards membership for… so we asked them! Here is the result:Shopper Discounts & Rewards - a word cloud of member benefitsThis word cloud shows all the items mentioned by our members, for where they get 10% cashback through their online shopping.

Joining Shopper Discounts & Rewards

If you like the look of what’s on offer, why not try Shopper Discounts & Rewards? There’s a 30 day trial, so you can try it out before your first monthly fee. (you are free to cancel at any time). Here is the sign up page for Shopper Discounts & Rewards.

The benefits:

  • 20% off popular giftcards
  • 10% cashback at over 650 online stores
  • A monthly member cashback bonus

All of this is in addition to any deals the retailer is offering!

Contact Shopper Discounts & Rewards

You can get in touch with the Customer Services team using the following:

The Shopper Discounts and Rewards logo@shopperdisc

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