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Will HMV Celebrate this Christmas?

HMV got a shot in the arm…

It looks like Hilco gave HMV a massive shot in the arm, as the company looks set to reclaim its crown as Britain’s biggest entertainment retailer, according to the Telegraph.

HMV symbol for entertainment retailer - Shopper Discounts and Rewards
Courtesy of Beverley, Creative Commons

Hilco bought HMV out of administration in April last year, saving 2,500 jobs and 125 of the chain’s 400 stores.

… but will they catch Christmas trade?

This turnaround, reported in August, may just mean that HMV does well this Christmas, when it comes to presents of music, DVD boxsets and films. With new stores opening in town centres, HMV looks ready to sell, sell, sell over the festive period, but there will be heavy competition. Being a physical store has advantages over Amazon in terms of availability and worry about shipping times, but the store will have to bring something else to the table: real value for customers.

HMV chairman Paul McGowan, chief executive of Hilco
HMV Chairman Paul McGowan on the Shopper Discounts and Rewards blog

“It’s only a matter of time before we overtake Amazon.“HMV is re-engaging with music shoppers and getting them back into shops. This is about being an authority in music, not selling music as a commodity.”

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David Beckham stars in new Haig Club whiskey advert

Haig Club introduces David Beckham

David Beckham appears in Haig Club whiskey advert - Shopper Discounts and Rewards blog
Still from YouTube Haig Club advert feat. David Beckham:

Here’s another whiskey advert with a bit of class, as David Beckham joins a group of models in the Scottish Highlands to share a glass of whiskey and a photo opportunity.

The advert is now live on YouTube, and will appear on UK TV screens tonight, Friday 17th October 2014. See the full length Haig Club advert here:

In case you were wondering, the soundtrack to the ad is Left Hand Free by Alt-J.

The Guardian reports: “Given Alcohol Concern has given David Beckham a bit of stick for promoting a booze brand, after spending most of his football career teetotal, it’s not surprising that he is not actually seen having a sip of the product he helped develop alongside brand Beckham impresario Simon Fuller.”

Nevertheless, we think that it’s a great advert and could put Haig Club at the top of the Christmas list this year for whiskey lovers.

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